KCTian to IITian – cracked GATE and entered IIT

Prasanna balaji of 2012 batch had cleared GATE 2016 and successfully secured M.Tech Aerospace at the prestigious IIT Kanpur. We congratulate him and hope he will be an inspiration to his juniors. His hard work and dedication has taken him to the destination he aspired!


Kovai —-> UK—-> USA—->Kovai

Our final year students Sharad saran and vivek’s paper got selected in the prestigious AIAA and Royal Aeronautical society conference

Both of them had gone to UK for presenting their paper at Royal aeronautical society’s conference on 20th July 2016
Then they are leaving to USA to present their work at AIAA conference on 27th July 2016

Details of the conferences:

Royal Aeronautical society conference (Bristol,UK)

Name : Sharad saran
Paper title : Studies on Dump Diffusers with Aerodynamically shaped Adjustable Flame Tubes for Modern Aircraft engines

Name : Vivek S
Paper title : Studies on external flow choking at moving wing at opposed wind flow in ground effect

AIAA conference (Salt lake city, USA)

Name : Sharad saran
Paper title : Design optimization and Performance evaluation of a Monopropellant satellite thruster

Name : Vivek S
Paper title : Boundary layer Blockage and external flow choking at moving wing in ground effect